Original Composition Commission Rates and Terms of Exclusivity
Non-exclusive commissions grant you full USE of the original music that I create for you, for ONE project.
Exclusive commissions grant you exclusive usage license of the music that I create for you.
You may not sell or redistribute my music, or make it available for download in any form.

Track/Loop Length            Est. Cost (Non-Exclusive)               Est. Cost (Exclusive)               Est. Time to Completion
          1:00 or below                       $100-200 USD                          $200-350 USD               1-2 days (4-8 working hours)   
           1:00 to 2:30                       $250-350 USD                          $350-500 USD           3-5 days (12-20 working hours)   
         2:30 or above                      $350-500+ USD                        $500-750+ USD         5-7 days (20-28 working hours)             
Please note that estimated cost and time may vary to some degree. This means that a particular track may take significantly less time than the estimate, or might take a little longer. Don’t worry, we can work out the details!

For non-exclusive WORK, I reserve the FOLLOWING USAGE rights:
Full ownership of the music, its contents, and its future usage, outside of your project.
Posting, sharing, and sales of all created content in various forms, including posting and/or sales through sites such as Bandcamp, Newgrounds, Google Play Music, iTunes, and others.
Expansion, alteration, and re-use of all created content for other games, videos, or projects.

For exclusive WORK, you are granted exclusive usAGE RIGHTS, meaning:
Tracks cannot be used in any other projects besides those for which YOU grant permission.
I cannot grant usage rights for the tracks for any other projects besides your own.
I retain full rights to posting, sharing, and sales of the music, through means such as those listed above.

Samples of my completed work:

Questions? Contact EliteFerrex:
Discord: EliteFerrex#2652
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